Staying Home

Nova prevents women from becoming homeless by offering information, advice, referral and advocacy support to sustain their current accommodation. Staying Home services are available in-home, in community ‘Staying Home’ centres, and on Nova’s mobile outreach unit. Nova also offers post-crisis support to women who have been rehoused to enable them to sustain their tenancy.



Going Home

Nova will work quickly with women who become homeless, to help identify affordable private rental, social housing or other suitable long-term, sustainable housing, and if required, the provision of safe and supported interim accommodation. Nova will provide case management, will work with other agencies, and link to support such as education and employment, to wrap around the services needed to address individual needs.



Support Stages of Entry

Women may access Nova support through:

  1. Early access to information, advice, referral and education in the community
  2. Interim accommodation (up to 28 days)
  3. Transitional accommodation
  4. Outreach support



Early access to information, advice, referral and education in the community

Interim (Crisis) Accommodation

Nova for Women and Children provides Interim (Crisis) Accommodation for a period of 28 days for clients who are in crisis. This service is available for women and/or women with accompanying children experiencing homelessness or who have fled domestic or family violence.


Clients are then provided with intensive case management by onsite support workers Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and crisis phone support 24/7 if support workers are not onsite. Support workers will then work in partnership with clients, housing providers and mainstream services to develop and implement tailored case plans aimed at moving clients out of homelessness as quick as possible.



Transitional Accommodation

Nova for Women and Children provides medium-term accommodation for a period of up to 12 months. Clients are provided with intensive case management using a client centred approach, to work through identified goals, providing post-crisis support, safe accommodation, advocacy and support into safe and affordable long-term housing through collaboration with housing providers, the private rental market and mainstream services.



Outreach Support

NOVA for Women and Children provides outreach support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This support may include one off support to assess and identify needs and support to access services that may be of assistance. Outreach support maybe to assist people to sustain tenancies that are at risk or to assist with finding alternative accommodation if needed. This support can be offered to people renting in the Private Rental Market, in Social or Community Housing.



Nova’s Mobile Support Service and Community Hubs

Nova has partnered with other organisations to provide easy access to our services out in the community.


If times are tough for you at the moment, and you are worried you might lose your home, or you need information or advice about renting, or managing debts or relationships, drop by and chat with one of our Mobile Support Workers. We can talk about how to stay housed, contact your landlord or real estate agent, look at other housing, provide practical support, or just help you find answers to your questions.


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