What can you do to help me?

Nova for Women and Children provides a range of services to assist women and their families who are at risk of homelessness to remain safely within their homes. Nova for Women and Children also assists women who are homeless or in crisis to be housed and provide support to maintain safe accommodation. For more information, please refer to our Services page.



I have made initial contact for help. Why hasn’t anyone called me back?

Nova for Women and Children’s 1800 intake and assessment line can be inundated with calls at times. Our intake officer works from a priority list, so while your call is extremely important to us and we appreciate the urgency of your call, we may at times have a slight waiting period for your assessment. However, Nova for Women and Children will endeavour to contact you within 48 business hours after initial contact.



Do you have any vacancies?

There are numerous types of vacancies Nova for Women and Children provide. These vacancies include:

  • Support Vacancies - Nova for Women and Children provides support to sustain tenancies. Vacancies for support are allocated based on service capacity at the time of enquiry. However, all effort is made to support women and children who are at risk and need support. This may require, at times of limited capacity a referral to be made to another appropriate service to meet your individual needs.
  • Interim (Crisis) - Nova for Women and Children provides supported interim accommodation is based on available rooms throughout our sites. This can change daily. During the intake and assessment stage, workers will endeavour to find alternate interim (crisis) accommodation to meet individual’s needs.
  • Transitional (Medium term) - Nova for Women and Children provides supported transitional accommodation that can be provided for up to 12 months. When a vacancy becomes available, caseworkers will assess individual needs. Due to the number of properties available, high demand and length of stay within each property.



How long before I’m allocated a support worker?

Whilst Nova for Women and Children endeavours to quickly allocate the appropriate support worker to address your individual needs, there may be times during high demand periods that there may be a wait for allocation. Urgent needs are generally dealt with by the intake officer during initial contact.


You will then be allocated a support worker based on your assessed need at that time. Unfortunately, there are no specific timeframes, however if you feel that there are other additional urgent needs, please free to re-contact us.



How long can I stay in interim (crisis accommodation)?

Nova for Women and Children provides Interim (Crisis) Accommodation for a period of up to 28 days for clients who are in crisis.



Do I have my own room?

Nova for Women and Children provides two types of accommodation.

  • Interim (Crisis) - This accommodation offers a communal style house, where you are supplied with your own private room for you and your children. Other areas of the house including kitchen, living and bathrooms are shared.
  • Transitional (Medium term) - This accommodation offers houses and units that offer private use of all facilities including kitchen, living and bathrooms. This is for the exclusive use of yourself and your children.



How is my rent calculated?

  • Interim (Crisis) - Nova for Women and Children 20% of their total income
  • Transitional (Medium term) - Rent is subsidised as per the Housing NSW guidelines. Rent is paid at 25% of a tenant's main benefit and 15% is of their Family Tax Benefit A and B. If a tenant is employed on a regular basis rent is paid at 25% of their income, averaged over 6 weeks of payslips.



Am I allowed to bring my pets to Nova’s accommodation?

Nova for Women and Children unfortunately has a no pet policy which means all pets cannot be accommodated for either interim or transitional housing.



Complaints, compliments and feedback:

Nova for Women and Children values your feedback and contribution to always improve our service. If you have any complaints, compliments or feedback, please refer to our client service charter policy and procedures.

To access our client feedback form please click here.



Are you currently hiring?

Nova for Women and Children unfortunately aren’t hiring at this point in time.